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providing your pets proper nutrition

As a pet lover, I work very closely with my pet's vet to ensure that they all stay healthy and live as long as possible. There are nutrients that each and every pet needs to stay healthy and active. Are you giving your pets the nutrients he or she needs each day? This blog is all about the dietary needs of your pets. You will learn what ingredients to look for in your pets' food and treats and what you should avoid feeding your pets at all times. Take what I have learned over the years and apply it to your daily routine to ensure that your pets live as long and as happily as mine have.


Fucosidosis In English Springer Spaniels: What You Should Know As A Dog Owner

27 May 2016
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When you are a dog owner and one or more of those dogs is an English Springer Spaniel, you may not ever really think about breed specific health conditions that they may suffer from or develop. However, every dog breed has its quirks and specific medical conditions, and the English Springer Spaniel is no exception. One of the diseases that affects this breed is a condition known as fucosidosis. Read this article to learn more about fucosidosis and how it might affect your English Springer Spaniel so that you can make sure you get your dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible if they show signs or symptoms. Read More …

Tips For Success In Giving Your Cat Pills With Pill Pockets

5 April 2016
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If your veterinarian has prescribed some kind of medication for your cat to take in pill form, you may be worried about how to get them to eat it. One thing vets often suggest is using a pill pocket treat, which is designed like a soft shell that you can mold around the pill and hide it in. While these treats can be effective, cats are very smart creatures and may not cooperate with the pill pocket right away, which could make you feel frustrated. Read More …

Don’t Let These Three Myths Stop Your Pet’s Spay Or Neuter

4 February 2016
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The great majority of veterinary hospitals recommend spay or neuter surgery for pets because it allows for optimum health. However, there are several widespread misconceptions that sometimes deter pet owners from spaying or neutering their animals. The bottom line: Pets should be spayed or neutered, and earlier in life is better than later in life. Don't let the following spay and neuter myths stop your pet from having the surgery they need. Read More …

4 Things Cat Owners Need To Know About Feline Stomatitis

2 January 2016
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Stomatitis is a condition characterized by swelling and infection of the oral tissues. You may already know that stomatitis can affect people's mouths, but it's less well-known that cats can also get this disease. Here are four things cat owners need to know about feline stomatitis. What are the signs of feline stomatitis? The symptoms of feline stomatitis are easy to identify. Here are some signs to watch out for: Read More …

This Cough’s Bad News: 4 Tips For Treating Kennel Cough

17 November 2015
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You left your dog at the kennel and it developed a case of kennel cough. In addition to the veterinary care you'll need to provide for your dog, there are also things you can do to keep it comfortable. Here are three tips to help your dog recover. Resort to Isolation If your dog has developed kennel cough, it's important that you keep it away from other dogs. Choose an area in your home where your dog can be comfortable while staying away from other pets you might have. Read More …