Benefits Of A Walk-In Vet Clinic For You And Your Pet

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Benefits Of A Walk-In Vet Clinic For You And Your Pet

29 September 2015
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Humans have walk-in clinics and urgent care facilities. In some cases, these clinics are located inside discount department stores and pharmacies where patients have immediate access to medicines for whatever ails them. Pets could also benefit from a walk-in vet clinic for similar reasons. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to open and operate a walk-in vet clinic. Here are some other benefits to finding your nearest walk-in vet clinic (such as Belle River Animal Clinic) and visiting it the next time your pet needs care. 

Convenience in an Emergency

If you have a walk-in vet clinic that is closer to you than your usual vet clinic and closer than a pet hospital, the walk-in pet clinic is more than just convenient. It is convenient, less expensive and easier to get to when your pet needs medical care right now. If a trip across town to your vet could mean that your pet would bleed out, and the pet hospital would require too much paperwork before you could get a doctor to see your pet, then the clinic is the right choice when you need it.

Location Places You Close to a Pharmacy

If the vet at the walk-in clinic does not have the medicines to help treat your pet, a nearby compounding pharmacy probably does. The vet may even write prescriptions for common pet medicines and not sell any medicines at all, allowing you to take the prescription anywhere that will fill it or keep it until you can follow up with your regular vet. You can get the medicines filled while your pet recovers from any life-saving surgery and then you can return to the clinic and pick up your pet just as the anesthesia is wearing off.

Walk-in Pet Clinics Are Less Expensive

Just as the urgent clinics for humans are less expensive, so are the walk-in pet clinics for your pets. This is because these clinics are limited to the types of patients they can see, such as cats, dogs, and other small pets. They are also limited to the types of treatments and the medical care that they can provide (e.g., the walk-ins do not have cancer screening equipment for pets, but they do have suture thread and surgical needles to sew up cuts on your furry friend). The vets in these clinics generally do not see horses or livestock and do not provide care to zoo animals, although they may see the occasional exotic pet. The cost for supplies and treatments for small animals and typical pets are less expensive and that is how the pet clinics can keep the costs low and provide round-the-clock care for household animals.