Tips To Deter Stray Cats To Help Your Cat Feel Secure

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Tips To Deter Stray Cats To Help Your Cat Feel Secure

6 October 2015
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As a cat owner, you want to keep him or her healthy and safe at all times. Some of the injuries that cats obtain are self-inflicted, and usually because they are spooked by something. Many times stray cats, otherwise known as feral cats, choose a home to hang out around, and when this happens, your cat might become agitated or go into attack mode. To prevent injuries from such altercations, it's best to prevent these stray cats from entering your cat's domain, and this guide can help.

Commission a Landscaper For Timed Sprinkler Installation

One of the easiest and most harmless ways to keep stray cats away from your home is to use your sprinkler system to scare them away. But it isn't wise to run the sprinklers around the clock.

Ask a local landscaper to install timed sprinklers that have a motion sensor setting. These sprinklers will spray water in the direction of motion, which will scare away most stray cats. Just be sure they aren't pointed toward walkways that you use or else you may be the one getting sprayed.

Spread Out Some Fresh Fruit Peels

Cats have a strong sense of smell and you can use that to your advantage by spreading fruit peels around your yard. Cats do not like the smell of citrus. Place orange or lemon peels around your fence or properly line.

Purchase Cat Repellant

If you notice that stray cats are still hanging around your yard, despite using the fruit peels, take more extreme measures. Check your local pet store for cat repellant. This repellant is made specifically to keep cats away, so simply follow the directions on the container and enjoy your feral-free yard.

Add Pebbles to the Garden

If cats have been digging up your garden, you can spread pebbles on the soil to stop them. The pebbles provide an extra layer of protection for your plants to keep mischievous cats away. A cat will not usually subject its sensitive claws to the pain of digging into gravel or pebbles.

Install Chicken Wire in Hiding Places

Cats may be attracted to your yard because it provides suitable shelter for them. If you have opening under your porch, stairs or patio you may be hosting a family of felines without even knowing it. To keep strays out of these hiding areas, cover up the openings with chicken wire. It's rather easy to apply with a few small nails and a hammer.

These tricks also help to keep your cat in your yard, because they won't want to go near the sprinklers, fruit peel, pebbles or chicken wire either. But the best part about taking these steps is that you'll prevent catfights and potential injury to your cat. Ask a vet, such as Pet Services at Rivers Animal Hospital, for more ideas on keeping your cat safe from the danger of feral cats.