Preparing Your Older Cat For The Vet

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Preparing Your Older Cat For The Vet

8 October 2015
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Older cats can get set in their ways. Getting your senior pet in for a vet check up might seem like more than your cat can handle. The thing is, regular trips to the animal hospital are important to ensure that your older cat is staying healthy. Here are four tips to help prepare your older cat for an upcoming vet visit.

1. Calming Chews and Pheromone Sprays

Older cats can suffer from anxiety when anything outside of their routine is shaken up. There are ways that you can pacify your cat so that they are less stressed at the vet. There are calming chews that have homeopathic nutrients that can ease the nerves of cats. Pheromone sprays can have a calming effect on your older cat. These can be used ahead of time and in the vet's office to mask other pet smells.

2. Practice With Your Cat

Your older cat might not be up for new adventures, but if you can keep their anxieties down to and from their vet appointment this will go over more smoothly. Keep the carrier out a week before the appointment so this isn't scary and even practice bringing your cat to and from the car a few times. Even if your older cat is grumpy about this, it is better than off-the-charts anxiety the day of a vet visit.

3. Discuss Limitations With Your Vet

Let your animal hospital know that your older cat may have some anxieties and aggressiveness. They might be able to recommend coming in a separate entrance to avoid other animals and can take precautions and go through the check up at your cat's pace. If your older cat has a little time to get used to the exam room, they won't get stressed from rushing through a checkup.

4. The Lure of Treats

If your older cat has a favorite treat that you know they will pretty much do anything for, bring these along to your visit. Make sure that your animal hospital staff and veterinarian can have access to these as well, so that everyone will quickly become a friend to your cat.

Cats are notorious for being stubborn, and older cats can fit this bill even more so. Don't sacrifice your older pet's health by avoiding the vet. Make sure that you do a little prep work before a visit to the animal hospital so this goes as smoothly as possible. Your cat might still act out and be ready to get back home, but at least this can be an efficient, no hassle visit.

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