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providing your pets proper nutrition

As a pet lover, I work very closely with my pet's vet to ensure that they all stay healthy and live as long as possible. There are nutrients that each and every pet needs to stay healthy and active. Are you giving your pets the nutrients he or she needs each day? This blog is all about the dietary needs of your pets. You will learn what ingredients to look for in your pets' food and treats and what you should avoid feeding your pets at all times. Take what I have learned over the years and apply it to your daily routine to ensure that your pets live as long and as happily as mine have.


Preparing Your Older Cat For The Vet

8 October 2015
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Older cats can get set in their ways. Getting your senior pet in for a vet check up might seem like more than your cat can handle. The thing is, regular trips to the animal hospital are important to ensure that your older cat is staying healthy. Here are four tips to help prepare your older cat for an upcoming vet visit. 1. Calming Chews and Pheromone Sprays Older cats can suffer from anxiety when anything outside of their routine is shaken up. Read More …

Tips To Deter Stray Cats To Help Your Cat Feel Secure

6 October 2015
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As a cat owner, you want to keep him or her healthy and safe at all times. Some of the injuries that cats obtain are self-inflicted, and usually because they are spooked by something. Many times stray cats, otherwise known as feral cats, choose a home to hang out around, and when this happens, your cat might become agitated or go into attack mode. To prevent injuries from such altercations, it's best to prevent these stray cats from entering your cat's domain, and this guide can help. Read More …

Benefits Of A Walk-In Vet Clinic For You And Your Pet

29 September 2015
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Humans have walk-in clinics and urgent care facilities. In some cases, these clinics are located inside discount department stores and pharmacies where patients have immediate access to medicines for whatever ails them. Pets could also benefit from a walk-in vet clinic for similar reasons. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to open and operate a walk-in vet clinic. Here are some other benefits to finding your nearest walk-in vet clinic (such as Belle River Animal Clinic) and visiting it the next time your pet needs care. Read More …